Elevator Products


HydraSafe Brake

A patented new level of elevator safety. We are currently finishing up the testing and certification of this Smart elevator safety device. Available mid 2020.

  • Ascending elevator protection 
  • Unintended motion protection for Traction and Hydraulic elevators.
  • Door lock jumper protection
  • Pit encroachment protection
  • First responder protection

IOT Device

In conjunction with our partner on this project, FGR Automation we have developed a Non- Proprietary Internet Of Things device to  provide every owner and elevator contractor the ability to monitor and control certain aspects of your elevator system remotely.  This device can be either owned by the elevator contractor or can become a part of an owners elevator equipment and retained from vendor to vendor.

We have developed industry driven and code driven links in our system that allows you to:

  • Monitor maintenance tasks.
  • Provides a predictive maintenance plan driven from your elevator system and industry standards.
  • Predict failure of identified components and send notification to your contractor or technician.
  • Can drive display screen content.
  • Can activate your elevator camera by a voice command.


Electronic Certificate Frames

We supply a stand alone display system driven by an identified pushbutton on the car panel or on the display touch screen you can display a copy of the current elevator certificates. This screen can be expandable to give you control over content.

Elevator Camera Systems

We have systems that can provide app based notifications, voice activation and wireless connections.

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