Design Services

Elevator Interior Finishes:

Elevators create a challenge when it comes to design elements. A design may look good on the drawing board but implementing the design within the constraints of an elevator car may be a challenge.  We will work with owners and architects to design an interior package that not only meets the design requirements but is functional and able to be installed in an elevator. We will provide detailed drawings for review and fabrication.

New Installation:

We will work directly with owners, architects , builders and consultants to design a complete project.  Not only will we provide you the best solution for your new project based on capacity and cost.  In many cases a new building may have a custom component to a larger standard type project.  We can design and build custom lifts to meet the needs of all specialty applications for any size project.


We will design the project from top to bottom.  We will work with our clients to develop a defined scope of work.  We will identify every piece needed to meet the needs of the project and provide a very tight budget number for the project.  You will then choose if you wish to bring in one of our consultant associates to put the scope out to bid or handle the bid process in house.  We remain involved throughout the entire process.


Restoration is one of our areas of expertise, we have a passion for vintage properties and equipment.  In these classic projects customers want the functionality of a newer system but require the classic charm and look of the vintage equipment be maintained. 

Product Design:

  • We provide geared to gearless machine designs.
  • Unattended motion and uncontrolled motion solutions.
  • Destination Dispatch systems and fixtures.
  • Product development and testing.
  • Custom security systems.
  • Code compliance solutions.